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4-H Club Explores the “Bone Box”

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Student members from the 4-H Club of Fountain Hills had a great day learning about the numerous animals that call Arizona home. Billy Ristuccia, a local wildlife photographer, assisted with the presentation of the “Bone Box” lent to us by the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Members of the club got to have hands-on experience with various animal pelts while matching them with their skulls. The students also learned about each animal’s prey, habitat, and various other facts. A portion of the presentation was dedicated to safety awareness when approached by wildlife in and around town.

Our next 4-H Club meeting is Sunday, June 12th at 12:30pm at the Kiwanis building. To become a member of our 4-H Club here in Fountain Hills, visit our website at:

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Thanks to reporter George Zeliff of the Fountain Hills Times for the wonderful photos. We look forward to the soon to be released article. Thanks to Sunset Kiwanis of Fountain Hills for allowing us to use their building.
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