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Mission: Collaborate, Engage, Inspire and Empower to create a network of people dedicated to making a positive difference in the world.

Vision: Empowered To Make a Difference will be instrumental in creating a strong network where communities, organizations, businesses, schools, and individuals will work together to make a positive difference in the world through volunteer efforts, educational programs and summits, and creation of committees and communities of practice.

Strategic Goals:

  • Organize a series of local, national, and international youth conservation summits and leadership summits that will engage and empower young leaders
  • Work with schools, colleges, homeschool groups, and afterschool programs to develop “Trendsetters To Make a Difference” clubs
  •  Work with businesses to help them develop Green Team committees
  • Create a robust website with resources, highlights, and calendar of opportunities
  • Recognize and highlight positive contributions made by individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Create an online communication system for Trendsetter clubs to collaborate with each other
  • Create art/essay/video competitions to engage & empower young people and give a creative voice to conservation efforts
  • Organize cleanup events with local groups in conjunction with Ocean Conservancy and Keep America Beautiful
  • Create online courses for conservation and leadership topics
  • Teach professional development courses to encourage teachers to incorporate meaningful and impactful conservation topics and service learning into their curriculum