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Arizona Eco-Schools

About Arizona Eco-Schools


The Eco-Schools Program is based on a global initiative that seeks to engage students through a systems-thinking lens to apply learning to effect change toward environmental sustainability through thoughtful activities and actions, building economic awareness, environmental responsibility, and civic engagement with an objective to cultivate meaningful, lasting relationships with the community.


The Arizona Association of Conservation Districts (AACD), in partnership with the Arizona Association for Environmental Education (AAEE) and the Arizona Wildlife Federation (AWF), is working to expand the National Wildlife Federation Eco-Schools program across Arizona to educate youth about the nexus of agriculture and conservation. 

Information & Updates

Learn more about the Arizona Eco-School program by reading the resources and updates below.


Carver Nutritional Study

As part of Carver’s ECO Schools Sustainable Foods pathway, the severe and profound classroom (room L) initiated a new diet to the seven students enrolled

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Green STEM Guidebook

A Guide to Green STEM
Produced by the National Wildlife Federation and the NYC Eco-Schools Green STEM Advisory Board, this guidebook examines how environment-based education boosts student engagement and academic achievement in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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