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Spring 2021 Arizona Eco-Schools Leadership Summit

The twelve schools and three AACD Conservation Education Centers in the Arizona Eco-School Pilot Program are invited to participate in the Spring 2021 Arizona Eco-Schools Leadership Summit.

The Leadership Summit will be a virtual event from May 3rd – June 3rd, 2021.
Please plan to actively participate as much as you are able.

This page will be updated and the links will be made active as we get closer to the Leadership Summit.

Teachers, facilitators, students, and other members of your Eco-Team
are invited to be part of the interactive Leadership Summit. 

There are several tasks to accomplish prior to the Leadership Summit.
Please make sure these are completed so that your school can fully participate in the activities and collaborate with the Eco-Teams from other schools.

We will be using FlipGrid as a way to collaborate, share, and showcase the great work that all the Eco-Teams are accomplishing.

Pilot schools and education centers will be receiving a box of supplies that they will use as they participate in the Leadership Summit.