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Tasks to Complete Before Spring 2021 Summit

There are several tasks to accomplish prior to the Leadership Summit.
Please make sure these are completed so that your school can fully participate in the activities and collaborate with the Eco-Teams from other schools.

Teachers who are part of the pilot program for Arizona Eco-Schools should use the link to the left to register for the Intro Course on Canvas. This course will introduce you to the Eco-School program and will walk you through the requirements for the grant.

Register for Flipgrid Educator Account

We will use Flipgrid throughout our Arizona Eco-School pilot program. This will enable us to get to know each other and collaborate. The students will have Flipgrid accounts as well so they can connect with the other students from the various schools in the pilot program. Flipgrid will also be used to showcase & document progress.

If you don’t already have an Educator Flipgrid account, please sign up for one using the link below. It is easiest if you sign in using your Google account and then you don’t need to remember your sign-in information.

Flipgrid Educator Signup